Prasanthi mandir bhajans

Friday, October 8, Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans vol. Srikari Kripakari 2. Devi Bhavani Jagath Janani 3. Amba Mandahasa Vadhanee Manohari 4. Om Jaga Janani Sai Matha 5. Jai Jai Shankari Jai Parameshwari 6. Partheeswari Jagad Janani 7. Durga Bhavani Maa 8. Jai Jai Devi Girija Matha 9.

Prema Mayi Sai Ma Sadguru Sai Saraswathi Jaganmathe Jagat Janani Maatha Maheshwari, Tribhuvana Triloka Paalini Jagadeeshwari Jai Jai Janani Sai Janani Jai Jai Bhavani Maa Jaya Santhoshi Maa Jagadeeshwari Dayaa Karo Maa Jaya Jagat Janani Maa Srikari Kripakari. Srikari Kripakari Kshemamkari Sayeeshwari.

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O Mother Sayeeshwari! You are the bestower of auspiciousness and grace. You forgive our faults and destroy our fear. O Mother Bhairavi! You are fond of the cosmic dance.

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O all pervading beautiful Mother Maheswari! Please grant mercy and compassion. Volume On Sai Mother.

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Raga: Tilang Hindustani.Post a Comment. Tuesday, October 5, Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans vol. Jaya Shankara Bhaava Gochara. Mahadeva Shiva Shambho Shankara 3. Nataraja Hey Thripurari. Jaya Jaya Hey Jagadeesha Mahesha.

Om Namah Shivaya Namo Narayana. Shankara Shiva Shankara.

Nacho Hey Nataraaj Shiva Shambho. Shambho Shankara Shiva Shambho Shankara Naam Bhajo. Gangadhara Hara Gangadhara. Jaya Shankara Bhava Gochara. Victory to Lord Shiva, who is beyond our knowledge, dancing in the temple of Chidambaram a temple in South India. The Lord who dwells in Puttaparthi, He removes all sins, He uplifts all humanity. Pray to Him, the Infinite Lord. Volume Thou resideth on highest mountain - Moulishwara. Thou art always in ecstasy and are the destroyer of illusion or maya and conqueror of time.

O Cosmic Dancer! O Lord Tripurari! Victory to Thee who has the sacred bull Nandi as His vehicle and serpent as His ornament. Thy Lotus Feet are sanctifying. Kindly grant us protection. O dancing Shiva of thundering steps! Tandvakeli Vilaasa Shiva 2. O Shiva who revels in the cosmic dance! Leela Manusha Vesha Shiva 2. You sport a human form and. Lingodbhavakara Sai Shiva 2. You manifest the Linga, o Sai Shiva! Sai Shiva Hara Bala Shiva 2. O Sai Shiva! O Bala Shiva!

prasanthi mandir bhajans

Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Anathanatha 2. Victory to Thee, Lord of the Universe, Shiva!Saturday, March 26, Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans O Vinaayaka, You are adorned with a single tusk, you are the embodiment of goodness. O Lord Sai Gajanana! Thou art the Remover of obstacles, Bestower of auspiciousness and Life Force of all beings.

O Lord Sai Ram! Ocean of mercy and compassion. You are the resident of Prashanti, You are worshipped by Hanuman. You are the savior of Ahalya, You are the son of Raghu dynasty.

Krishna Bhajans - Jukebox - Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans

The slayer of the demon Mura, and the only support of those who are afflicted and dejected, is the charming flute-player, Lord Sai. Rama : Omkara Priya Sai Rama 1. Lord Rama destroys ignorance and evils. Sai Baba's sweet songs are drops of amrit nectar conferring Supreme Bliss. Have mercy for me, Lord Sai. For devotees, You are the very breath life. To the afflicted, You are the compassionate and tender Abode of Mercy.

You are the Sustainer of the 3 worlds and the Protector of spiritual seekers. He wears fragrant Tulasi basil leaves, and is the divine flute-player worshipped by sages. He is the delight of Gopis. You are the One who delights and mesmerizes us and is also the One who annihilates our problems and miseries. You symbolize purity and prosperity 2. At Your lotus feet we offer our repeated obeisances 3. You are the same Lord who is installed in Tirupati as Venkata Ramana and who has now come in human form to restore the profound glory and wisdom of the Vedas.

Lakshminarayana Namo Namo O Lord! You are the One who is the preserver of this Universe and who pervades every inch of this creation as the energy principle.

You are the One who is omnipresent and is installed in the hearts of all beings. We offer You our salutations again and again. We offer You our obeisances repeatedly with utmost surrender. Deena Bandhu Karunakara Sharana Tumhari He is the Kinsman of the fallen ones, the most merciful Lord takes devotees under His protection and grants sustenance. Jaya Partheeshwara Sai Giridhari Lord Sai of Parthi is one and the same as Lord Giridhari Chant the name of Lord: Panduranga, Vitthala of Pandhari who is bestower of auspiciousness, enchanter of the heart and supporter of those afflicted and miserables.

O Mother Sai! We pray to Thee to protect us. Victory to Thee, Mother, Oh Kali another name for the supreme Mother You are the Ocean of Compassion, please shower Your grace on me and everyone Mujhey Sanmati Do Bhagavan O Bhagavan, give all a pure well-balanced and steady mind with the right understanding, in order to rise to the level of the Divine Sahara Do Bhagavan 2 O Bhagavan! Bow to Lord Narayana, whose form is Om. Glory to Lord of Parthi-Lord Sai, who is full of love and joy.

Glory to Lord Vishnu, the benevolent teacher whose beautiful form enchanted Vaidehi Lakshmi. The prince of the Raghu Dynasty! Victory to Lord Sai!Friday, October 8, Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans vol. Ram Ram Jaya Raghukula. Kausalya Nandana Vaidehi. Jaya Raghu Nandana. Raaghava Sundara. Jaya Jaya Ram Jaanaki Rama. Sai Rama Hey Ghanashyaama. Ram Ram Sai Rama. Atma Rama Aananda Ramana. Raghupathe Raghava. Dayabhi Rama Janaki Rama. Ramam Bhajo Raghu Ramam Bhajo. Rama Rama Jaya Raghukula Thilaka.

Volume Supreme Lord Rama is the Incarnation of Treta yuga period of years, during which Lord Rama assumed human form incarnation. Lord Rama holds Kodanda bow and destroyed Demons or evil forces. Brother Bharata dedicated his life to Lord Rama. Raga: Mayamalavagaula Carnatic ; Bhairav Hindustani.

O Lord Sai! Thou art the One who incarnates from age to age and have now come in Human form in this Kali Age. You are the same Lord Krishna, the beautiful blue-complexioned Lord! Raghava Sundar Rama Raghuvara. Beautiful Lord Rama is supremest among Raghu dynasty.

He is protector and uplifter of devotees and extremely auspicious. He is worshipped by entire creation. He destroys obstacles and annihilated demon King Ravana.

Jaya Jaya Rama Janaki Rama. Jaya Jaya Rama Janaki Rama 2.Saturday, October 2, Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans vol. Volume 5- list. Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram. Hey Govinda Hey Gopala. Sri Guru Parthi Vasa. Sankata Harana Sri Sai Ramana. Jaya Jaya Sai Namo. Madhava Murahara Murali Gopala. Om Nama Shivaya Namo Narayana. Govinda Sai Krishna Govinda Govinda. Thou art the One Whom all worship and pray.

O'Mighty One! Thou art King of the Divine Forces. On Lord Sai. Oh eternal Lord! The Creator and the Supreme Teacher!

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Parama Dayaghana Pavana Hey 2. You are the most merciful One, the most auspicious One! Janmaja Dukha Vinashana Hey 2. You destroy the sorrows and sins of all births!

Jagothodharana Karana Hey 2. Born to redeem the whole world. Sathya Sai Krishna Janardhana Hey 2. Oh Lord Sai Krishna! Saviour of mankind! Bhava Bhaya Jaladhi Tarana Hey 2.

Oh Lord! Only you can take us across the ocean of wordly life! Volume Pranamami Sri Durge Sai Narayani 2. Salutations to you, O Divine mother Sai! You are the all powerful and invisible Goddess Durga and the all pervasive Goddess Narayani. Accept our obeisances, O Sai, the Divine Mother! Jai Jagadambe Devi Bhavani 2. Victory to You, O Divine Mother! You are the source of all creative. You are the mother of this entire creation. Pranamami Sri Durge Sai Narayani.

Obeisances to you, O Divine Mother Sai!Published: Tracks: 1. Tuma Ho Vighna Vinasha 2. Sree Rama Chandra 3. Eashwaramba Priya Tanaya 4. Rama Harey Sai Krishna Harey 5. Aum Namah Shivaya 6. Natavara Krishna 2 7. Purandara Ranga 8. Jagadeeshwari Daya Karo Maa 9.

Muralidhara Murahara Natavara Allah Tuma Ho Eashwar Tumaho Description: Live recordings of bhajans.

Sathya Sai Bhajans are a distinguished style of devotional singing widely popular in the realm of devotional music. Srikari Kripakari 2. Devi Bhavani Jagath Janani 3. Amba Mandahaasavadani 4.

Om Jagajjanani Jagat Janani 5. Jaya Jaya Shankari 6. Partheeswari Jagat Janani 7. Durga Bhavani Maa 8. Jaya Jaya Devi Girijaamaatha 9. Premamayee Sai Maa Sadguru Sai Saraswathi Post a Comment. Saturday, October 2, Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans vol. Jaya Jay Girija Bala Gajanana 2.

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Hey Shiva Shankara Parvati Nandana 2. Jaya Jaya Girija Bala Gajanana. Vigha Vinashaka Vijaya Gajanana 2. Tava Pada Sharanam Sharanam Gajanana 2. Victory to Lord Gajanana, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, the destroyer of obstacles and the grantor of success. O Beautiful Faced One! Every one seek Thee. Volume Nandishwara Hey Nataraja 2. Nandatmaja Hari Narayana 2. Narayana Hari Narayana 2.

Naga Bharana Namah Shivaya 2. Nada Swarupa Namo Namo 2.

prasanthi mandir bhajans

Raga: Darbari Hindustani 1. O Baba Sai Baba 2. O Baba, our L ord Sai Baba. Deenon Key Dukha Haratey Baba 2. You are the one who destroys the sorrows of the forlorn.

O Baba Sai Baba. O Baba, our Lord Sai Baba. Nara Dehi Narayana Baba 4. Lord, You are the divine, Lord Narayana, in the garb of a human! A rathi. Bhakta Jana Samrakshaka 2. Victory to the Lord of the universe, Lord Sathya Sai. Who destroys grief, evil and miseries of life and.

Who guards and protects devotees. Victory to the Lord of the universe. Lord of Lords - Lord of Parthi. O graceful and charming as a full moon! O Auspicious One! O Lord Sai!

prasanthi mandir bhajans

Thou art the indweller and life-force of all beings; the wish-fulfilling Divine creeper to those who have surrendered to Thee; and kinsman, protector and friend in times of distress and calamities. Victory to the Lord of the universe.

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